The robust economy of Las Vegas has its source in the over 30 million visitors a year. The principal attractions are entertainment, gambling, climate, proximity to national parks, gorgeous hotels, 24 hour atmosphere, cheap lodging and food, major sporting events, the lakes and the mountains.


Our website and services staff show you just some of the spectacular locations available to film crews, and we can always more the unique.



WITH US!!!  


Las Vegas Locations makes finding your location as easy as can be.


Having been in the Las Vegas area foe the past twenty years, we are networked extensively throughout the community.


We can scout your locations and post them to our website same day, secure permits and coordinate all necessary tasks in order for you to capture your shot! 


Call our office with your specific needs and we will tell you which properties online meet your requirements.


Just give us a description of what you are looking for and we'll select from our files the best locations to suit your needs.




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Our Services

LVL Location's act as agents for homes and other properties, making it easier for owners seeking filming to offer their properties to production companies looking for locations. In exchange, the LVL Location's receives a percentage of the location fee as a commission.   A location service will normally photograph a property and keep those photographs in a book or uploaded to there websites, which can be checked out of their location library or viewed on-line by production companies.

  LVL Location's will then act as agent for the property, negotiating fees, filming arrangements and other details which homeowners previously had to handle on their own. As you might imagine, this has made the experience of hosting a film production much simpler for the average homeowner. In addition, the location service normally provides a "location site representative" from their company, who acts as a liaison between the homeowner and the production company, helping to smooth out any difficulties that may arise during the production.
  The LVL Site representative: When you agree to have a production company use your home, you might feel a little intimidated by the more experienced crew who seems to have taken over your house. Most people don't know enough about the film production experience to understand exactly what is acceptable use of their home and what is not. That's where the site representative comes in.  Provided by the location service, this is a person who has been specially trained in the ins and outs of location filming, and who will make sure that everything goes smoothly.

  Our site rep will keep you informed of exactly what is going on, and will help the production company make the best use of your home.  

LVL Location services:  


 Las Vegas Locations will set up appointments for any properties you wish to view in person. Once you decide on the location you want, we negotiate a fair price. Our location contracts are specific in addressing the needs of producers as well as homeowners. Our on site location representatives are well trained and work tirelessly to make all our shoots run as smoothly as possible.


  Las Vegas Locations has coordinated thousands of location rentals with location managers, location scouts, art directors, producers, directors studio executives and event organizers. We offer them access to extraordinary properties and they receive the very best in customer service. Our staff is composed of experienced real estate professionals and location filming experts.


With equal respect for the properties represented and the companies who use them, we have developed a strong working relationship with a broad base of clients, from still photography, commercials, episodic and made-for-television show to music videos and feature films, primarily utilizing private homes and estates.

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