The robust economy of Las Vegas has its source in the over 30 million visitors a year. The principal attractions are entertainment, gambling, climate, proximity to national parks, gorgeous hotels, 24 hour atmosphere, cheap lodging and food, major sporting events, the lakes and the mountains.


Our website and services staff show you just some of the spectacular locations available to film crews, and we can always more the unique.



WITH US!!!  


Las Vegas Locations makes finding your location as easy as can be.


Having been in the Las Vegas area foe the past twenty years, we are networked extensively throughout the community.


We can scout your locations and post them to our website same day, secure permits and coordinate all necessary tasks in order for you to capture your shot! 


Call our office with your specific needs and we will tell you which properties online meet your requirements.


Just give us a description of what you are looking for and we'll select from our files the best locations to suit your needs.




Recognized for its performance as a premium service organization.  We are a Minority Owned, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, that combines integrity and quality to deliver unsurpassed integrated security and protection solutions.













Las Vegas Locations maintains an extensive library of film locations within 30 miles of Las Vegas. We are listing new properties on an ongoing basis. Currently we are seeking commercial properties of all types, mansions and estates, as well as homes of all sizes and styles. Be assured, when you use a location through Las Vegas Locations things go well. We are a fast, professional service that makes filming in Las Vegas easier than you'd believe! 

GUIDELINES:  Submit snapshots of both the interior and exterior of your property. The more areas we can see, the better. They don't have to be professional as they are for our internal use only. Your property will be professionally photographed, at no cost to you, once you are signed up with Las Vegas Locations. Our team of professionals handle location releases, insurance, invoicing, overtime, and follow through if there are any damages or cleanup involved.


Photography - we professionally photograph your property. Once a homeowner has agreed to representation, we set up a convenient time for a photographer to photograph the house. These photos are compiled in a folder and filed in our library and website. Location managers, location scouts, art directors, producers, directors studio executives and event organizers rely on our company to show them the finest houses when they are planning a shoot.


* Marketing we market your property through our website and direct marketing.

* Contracts - from negotiation to execution.

* Insurance - each project is covered by minimum $1,000,000 insurance policy, depending on the value of the property.  Properties are protected by the production company's insurance policy ($1,000,000.00 per occurrence on liability and property damage, can be increased) as well by a security deposit, and all fees are paid in advance.

* Accounting we will pay you before filming begins.

* Supervision - a Las Vegas Locations professional is on set at all times.


  After you have submitted your photos, we will contact you to let you know if your property has been accepted. If so, we will send you a Listing Agreement. Once we have received your signed Listing Agreement, we will photograph your property for our files. Please let us know if you are listed with any other location services. If not, we will send you an exclusive Listing Agreement.


Once you are in our files, Las Vegas Locations will promote your property to a wide range of film industry professionals. Your photos will be put on our searchable website, which allows industry experts to quickly find your property.  


If a client is interested in your property, Las Vegas Locations will contact you to schedule a viewing appointment, and hopefully soon after, to set up a film shoot!

"Location Fees" range from approximately $500 to $5,000 and up, per day.

You can expect to make anywhere from $1000 to $5000 per day (or more) depending on the size and uniqueness of your property and the type of project it is working for. 100% payment for location fees is due prior to the beginning of a production at that location. A security deposit is also mandatory, this deposit is refunded to the customer once it has been established that no additional costs have been incurred by the customer and his /her crew at the location.


REMEMBER: We make a percentage of the location fee when your property gets booked for a film shoot. If you'd like to make your home or commercial property a star, here's what you need to do:


*  Either submit, or we go out and get them.

*  Download our contact.

*  Print it fax or email it back along with photos.

* 12 24 in zipped file format, we will choose  the best.

* Send in 1-4 photos before acceptance.

* You may submit your photos one of two ways.

* Mail hard copies of your photos to our office. Photos will not be returned.

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